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An Epic Land

The feelings are enthralled by Spain’s various sceneries. The Pyrenees and Picos de Europa are as gorgeous as any mountainous region on the continent, while Andalusia’s sun-drenched plains give way to the snowcapped Sierra Nevada, both of which are world-class hiking locations. The Mediterranean’s lovely bays complement the cliffs of Spain’s Atlantic north.

A Culinary Feast

Food and wine are, of course, two of Spain’s national interests. Incalculable diversity, ancient recipes passed down through generations, and an intrinsic drive to experiment and discover what emerges out of the kitchen lab are all touchstones of Spanish cookery.

Art Imitates Life

Windswept Roman ruins, majestic cathedrals, and unrivalled Islamic architectural marvels tell the narrative of a region where history’s major civilisations rose, fell, and left their indelible mark. What other country could have produced as rebellious and ferociously imaginative minds as Salvador Dal in recent years?

Fiestas & Flamenco

Despite the emphasis on the past, Spain is a country that lives in the present, and there’s a reason why the word ‘fiesta’ is one of the most well-known in the Spanish language — life is a party here, and everyone appears to be invited. Maybe you’ll see it on a crowded, out-of-town street when everyone has come out to play.

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